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Earn more revenue

We help you cut costs and sell more, both in-venue and at your doors - cover payments, bar tabs, you name it.

Increase foot traffic

Connect with your guests and build a community of repeat, high-value patrons.

Consolidate payments & data

Speakeasy lets you combine it all - manage online, at-door and in-venue sales with perfect clarity.

Hardware-free point of sale built for entertainment hospitality
Start processing physical payments with nothing more than an iPhone needed, with lower processing fees than any comparable competing product.

Anti-chargeback guarantee

Let us insure your transactions against unwanted disputes and you’ll never have to worry about chargebacks again.

Consolidate marketing data

Collect data on each guest that pays via Speakeasy. Identify high spenders and convert them into regulars.

EMV enabled chip reader

EMV chip reading capabilities built on top of state of the art financial technology

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Revolutionary at door sales

No app download required - 3 click autofill easy checkout

Increase at door sales

Save on labor & free up your staff

Eliminate the cash-booth and save up to $75,000 in labor cost. No more missing cash - full accountability at the door you own.

Up-sell skip lines

Capture previously unearned revenue from dynamically priced skip line tickets.

Know your guests

Capture the data of EVERY guest that enters your door and identify high spenders & reward repeats.

Digital Payments - Full Suite Ticketing - Table Management

All-in-One Ecosystem

Digitized, SMS guest list

Our in app SMS messaging helps you grow your business by finding and and managing your community.

$1.00 - Flat

Powerful event ticketing at low fees*

We offer both pre-sold & at door ticketing to a network of top-tier venues, promoters and guests at the lowest fees in the industry.

Power up your table sales & floor management

We enable you to sell more! Manage and list your tables online on our end-to-end platform.

Track your team’s performance live

With Speakeasy, you’ll know exactly how your promoters and hosts are performing and where there’s room to grow.

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